September Back to Hat "Hat"

This post is a little late in being published after our September open day, but we are nearly there with the completion of our Back to Hat "Hat". After everyone spun the wool at the open day the bobbins were plied together.
It was interesting to ply together different people's spun singles as shown in the photo, there is quite a difference in singles, some fine lace weight and some thick and nearly 8 ply.

This also showed up in the knitting of the diagonal squares that we were using to make the beanie. Some squares had to have a few more of a few less stitches to try and keep the squares similar size.
Four squares were then stitched together to create the beanie shape. This pattern is one that was create by one of our members.

The final step is the washing and the wearing of the Beanie (photo to come). It is a bit of a funny shape in a few parts but that is the fun bit about doing it as a group project because you never know what will happen.