Like knitting, crochet has been around for quite some time. But unlike knitting, where you use a pair of needles, crochet only uses one tool, a hook like the ones pictured below.

You use this hook to manipulate a yarn by creating loops and wrapping the yarn to form stitches to create a fabric. There are various stitches and techniques that you can use and each one will create a different texture and fabric. 

Different fabrics can be achieved simply by using the different types of yarn. You can also make just about anything, from fine lace pieces to thick rugs and blankets. 

The group has an extensive library of resources, including a large section on Crochet, with a few recent additions on step by step guides. If you would like to learn how to crochet, or if you crochet yourself and would like to meet other like minded people, please feel free to come along to the Mitchell Studios on one of our days. More information can be found on the diary dates page.